Who can be members of your community?

Anyone who stands with what we believe in can join. As our member, you will support our cause to eradicate the traces of inequality and racism.


What’s your drive in forming this non-profit organization?

Our greatest drive in forming The United Voices Org are children. We have high hopes that these things that we do will give them a sense of direction, self-respect, and that they would be proud of their race. It is also our mission to forge a world meant to nurture them without the demeaning words they hear everywhere.


How do you work?

We work by solidifying the Black Community through encouragement and fellowship. We enlighten them about our history. We encourage our members to their best to change the image of the Black people.


Where do you spend the donations you receive from your members?

Donations are used to maintain the needs to the organization such as maintaining this site, getting more website visitors, helping the Black community through our programs, and other activities we deem fit and fair.


How do you influence the entertainment industry which is the main source of these demeaning words?

Sadly, demeaning words against the Black community exists. Most of them are from artists with whom we share the same race. We send them letters to constantly remind them that these languages are inappropriate, which neglect the very thing our ancestors fight for, respect and equality.


What are the roles of your members?

It is their free-will to participate in our activities in forging a better world for the Black community. As a member, you will be a good example or become a role model for the youth and for the young, you will also help us spread the message, and help to stop the prevalent usage of these demeaning languages by not patronizing those artists who continuously use them.