The United Voices Org

We are a non-profit organization committed to protecting the integrity of African-American people by cultivating a positive self-image, pride, respect, and dignity. Our organization is tax exempted under section 501 (c) (3). The fight against racism is not over until we, as a nation, completely obliterate the traces of racism hiding in today’s songs, speeches, street language, and even movies. We despise the use of N-word regardless of it being referred to as a joke. This is not what our ancestors fought for. This word is designed to demean the African-American community while disrespecting our history, the suffering of our ancestors, and our race as a whole.

What We Fight For:

Against Generalization in the Black Community

Generalization against the Black people still exists to this very day. Black people are categorized based on their color and not on their character or what they are capable of. The Black people are generally judged like criminals, snatchers, users of illegal substances, hitmen, and so on. Glad to say, that more Black people are getting higher education and got into reputable companies despite the generalization against them. Needless to say, that generalization in the Black community is unfair. As long as it exists, we will bring our fight with peace and great hopes.

Condescending Words Which are By-Product of Our Dark History and Slavery

Racism is not limited to directly discriminating a race. It also includes the words meant to demean their existence and the idea of equality. The United Voices Org sends a message to the Black Community that these words we speak to describe our race should be stopped. Respect starts by respecting ourselves.