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Yes to Unity.
Yes to Positive Change.
No to Discrimination.

Total reconciliation from the trauma brought to us by our history is what we stand for. A total reconciliation means genuine unity between people of different race and colour. It’s a place where total freedom reigns. The United Voices Org has been enlightening the world about equality, free from prejudices and old beliefs and traditions that nullify it. This is the right time to fight against the remains of racism and inequality. In this time and age, we all have access to the advanced technology where people can read, watch, and decide for themselves the harsh outcomes of discrimination. With this tool, we would spread the message of positive change and help people realize the beautiful future of us united as one.

human rights


In today’s world, there are some discriminating words that we use every day unconsciously. It seems acceptable and funny of some sort, but the history of those words, one example is the N-word, is dark and sad. Remember that equality was achieved by the blood of those people who went before us. Their suffering was unheard for too many years, and now that we have the opportunity to correct the wrongs of the past, we take it too lightly. Respect means through actions and words. Discriminating words to point out a black person is not okay. It’s not funny, and it’s unacceptable.



The traumatic history in the pages of races left us with unmended wounds. It is felt directly and indirectly by many African-American people today. Heal the wounds created by our dark past. Seize the opportunities and be willing to dream again. The United Voices Org helps people like us to get a better chance in life through our education and livelihood programs. Never give up your dream just because it is hard. African-American people have the right to dream and have a good life just like everybody else.

Take Action and Protect

It is our duty to protect the freedom and right to equality our ancestors fought for us. Protect it by becoming an example. Take action by helping the community of our people. Be active to buy website traffic, so many people could receive the hope that they too can do it. As American-African people, we should drive change, and not just be complacent with the hope that everything will change for the better.